Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Our Fantasy Misadventures"
So…this week Stormy and I decided to go this mall and we ended up walking around...there was this one woman wearing white stretch jeans, red high heels, and a red tube top. Red seemed to be the accessory color of the day. The gold earrings in her ears might have been nice, if one ear wasn't hugely longer than the other one, hanging almost all the way down to her shoulder
...the dangling stream of toilet paper stuck on her red high heels was the highlight of her outfit.
She had this fucking poodle on a leash. He, or she, was dyed with a red tint to match the woman's outfit...the poor poodle was almost dangled inches off the ground by a shiny gold leash.
We pretended to do some window shopping because it looked like she was waiting for someone.
And now we're curious to see who she was waiting for…
However, it was the 100 pound balding man at her side saying "Yes, dear" repeatedly that really threw the whole thing over the top...that and his red sweater vest.
So, what do you think she was waiting for?

Please let us know. The most interesting answer of the month wins.

Join us again in two weeks for our next Misadventures…